A java library for reading and writing Ogg Vorbis comments (tags)


JVorbisComment is a small, open-source, java library for reading and writing Ogg Vorbis comments.

  • Simple - Two static methods: VorbisIO.readComments and VorbisIO.writeComments.  Checkout some examples.
  • In-place Updates - Comment changes are written to the original file, not a copy of the file.  This means updates will be faster and the file attirbutes, such as permissions and creation time, will remain intact.
  • Buffered Updates - A buffering scheme is employed to avoid re-writting the entire file when the comments are changed by only a small amount.
  • Tested - Many unit tests have been written in hopes of preventing file corruption.  I have executed this library on my 3500 file Ogg collection.
  • Maintained - I am committed to maintaining this library.  Reported issues will be addressed in a timely manner.  Since this project has a very small and clearly defined scope, inactivity should be considered a good thing (many happy customers).


By using the this library you agree to The MIT license.

Library: jvorbiscomment-1.0.1.zip (requires Java 1.5)

Source: current and archived sources are available here.

Documentation: Javadocs are Included in the Library download above.  See some examples here.

Related Projects

  • JVorbisCommentGUI - A minimal cross-platform Ogg Vorbis comment editor.  Included as an example in the JVorbisComment source code.
  • Subsonic - a free, web-based media streamer.
  • Your project - Let me know if you are using jvorbiscomment in your project and I'll add it to this list.  (Links will increase your search engine rank too).
  • JOrbis - The awesome pure java Ogg Vorbis decoder.

Contact, bug reporting, and other details

In general questions, comments, and ideas are very welcome.  Just send me an email.

This project also has a page on Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/jvorbiscomment/.  Check it out for more project details.

My goal is to make this a very high quality library so please let me know about bugs right away.  Bug reports should be submitted to the issue tracker or emailed to me directly.