Gay Man in UK Gets Stiffy for Eminem!
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Exclusive Interview by Crusader

(United Kingdom - August 31, 2001) I was browsing my favourite porno (oops, I mean erotic) story on and came (pun intended) across a brief fantasy story under the Gay Male Masturbation section entitled "Thanx to the Real Slim Shady," written by Damian from the United Kingdom. Since I have written many Eminem articles and commentaries for metroG during the past year or so, I decided to contact Damian to find out why he likes the world's most notorious rapper. I also wanted to know whether he has gotten any flack from the "gay community" for writing publicly about his fantasy. Damian described himself to me as a 23-year-old gay man from somewhere in the United Kingdom. Here is our e-mail interview.


CRU: How long have you lived in the UK?


DAMIAN: All my life.


CRU: Is Eminem well-known and popular in the UK?


DAMIAN: I would say that he is very popular. His albums do very well here.


CRU: Describe the gay club where Eminem songs have been played. For example, disco type, leather type, or general type?


DAMIAN: General disco / pop club.


CRU: What ages are the people going to this club?


DAMIAN: Younger.


CRU: Do you recall any or all of the Eminem songs that played close to closing time during your recent visit to the gay club?


DAMIAN: "The Real Slim Shady," "The Way I Am," and "Stan."


CRU: While these songs were playing, did you see anyone obviously upset or leaving the dance floor because of the songs?


DAMIAN: No one was upset. Just about everyone was laughing and having a good time when the Eminem songs were playing. I did not notice anyone leaving the dance floor because of the songs. In fact, more people were joining in the dancing while the Eminem songs were playing. I didn't hear any negative comments either.


CRU: You told me that you received some e-mails from people in the United States who were very upset with you for writing a masturbation fantasy about Em. What did these people write?


DAMIAN: The people who e-mailed me [presumably gay men] were horrified at the idea that I like Eminem, wrote a story about him, and made comments that I would like to shag him, as I would many other good-looking stars!


CRU: In the US, as you know, there has been quite a bit of bitching and moaning about Em from lesbigay rights groups, lesbigay individuals, lesbigay businessmen, women's groups, and so on. In the UK, have any similar groups protested Marshall Mathers?


DAMIAN: When I went to a recent Eminem concert in the UK, there were some protests, but nothing much, especially compared to the protests in the US. None of the gay magazines here were encouraging people to protest.


CRU: Why do you like Eminem's music and / or lyrics?


DAMIAN: Why does anyone like or dislike a musical artist? I like his lyrics, the music, his acting, and I especially like his body!


CRU: Did you see the Grammy duet with Em and Elton? If so, what did you think of it?


DAMIAN: Yes, I did see the duet and I enjoyed it very much. Shame about Elton, though, as I prefer Dido's version of "Here With Me."


CRU: Do you feel Em is homophobic, or are gay rights groups and individuals in the US just overreacting to his lyrics?


DAMIAN: I think most of his lyrics are just a front to sell records. There's nothing better than a bit of controversy as advertising. All the protesting has brought him to the front of the news. Yes, there is quite a bit of overreacting in the United States.


CRU: Why do you think people in the UK are not protesting Em as fervently as people do in the US?


DAMIAN: I feel it has to do with differences in the UK and US cultures. Americans always seem to get uptight about many things that British people just don't seem to get offended by. A good example is swearing on television or blasphemy.


CRU: Yeah, I agree that people here in America are very uptight. Maybe we all need a daily enema?


DAMIAN: LOL (laugh out loud).