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For all your Heavy Haul Needs!!


I have a 9 axle Lowboy and like to haul anything that weighs over 75,000 pounds up to 125,000 pounds.  I can load and unload any piece of equipment you have that needs to be loaded.  I maintain my own truck and have a lot of knowledge about maintenance of a wide variety of equipment.  If there is a way to get it done I can get it done.  I have a good reputation for my dependability and knowledge with the people I have worked with over the years.  There are some contractors I haul for that will only buy a piece of equipment if I can haul it.  I have been involved in running equipment, maintenance and construction work all my life.  I started driving truck and learning the trade at the age of sixteen and have worked hard all my life.  My word is my word I am honest and to the point.  If I tell you I’ll do something I will do it just as I say.
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