Leadwork (all by Simon Crumbleholme)

Replacement of Leadwork to large flat roof in Dorchester

A complex series of lead flats all with lead rolls 
(all by Simon Crumbleholme)

Leadwork to roof of Church in Weymouth

Left - Replacement of layer boards
new leadwork to central valley


Right - Replacement of leadwork to parapet walls


Leadwork to Bay Window with central roll and abutment flashing In Weymouth


Leadwork - to new lead rolled roof with rooflights at Broadmayne:

Leadwork to rebuilt chimney including tray, stepped flashings and aprons

New lead tray to multi flued chimney stack under reconstruction.

Before and after view of leadwork replacement to parapet wall 

Replacement of Leadwork to upper bay window at Warmwell House, Warmwell (Grade I Listed)

Replacement of central lead valley in Weymouth

Lead clad porch at West Stafford - in progress ! 
Note lead to underside of soffit

The Lead Ball !

A hollow lead ball (approx 150mm diameter) dressed from one piece of lead by Simon Crumbleholme's great grandfather William Clarke Crumbleholme (Master Plumber of Weymouth 1877 - 1973) - perhaps this is where Simon gets his skill from !