The J.T. & E.J. Crumbaugh Library offers many services to its patrons.

Material Check-Out

The J.T. & E.J. Crumbaugh Memorial Library offers a wide variety of books, fiction and non-fiction,  and a number of popular magazines appealing to all age groups.  We have approximately 14,000 volumes.  Because we are an endowed library, anyone in the area can obtain a FREE library card.  Materials can be checked out for two weeks at a time and can be returned at our front desk or our convenient 24 hour book drop located by the front door of our building. 

Micro Viewer Printer
The Library houses a micro-film viewer-printer that allows the reading and printing of past LeRoy Journals.  The dates of the LeRoy Journals are 1903-1916 and Dec.7, 1917-Present.  Copies printed from the micro-viewer cost 10 cents.

Copy Machine
A copy machine is available to make copies of all materials within the library.  For general materials from the library, the first five copies are made free of charge, and every copy after that is 10 cents. Copies of materials from outside the library are also 10 cents with a limit of 25 copies total.

Computer and Internet Use
The library has two computers that are available to the public.   Both have free internet access.  Free WiFi is also available.  Children and adolescents under 16 years of age must have a parent's signature on one of our Internet permission forms in order to use the Internet. However, children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.  All materials printed cost 10 cents per sheet.  

Talking Book Applications For the Visually Impaired

Federal and State Tax Forms for the Public
Basic tax forms available January thru April.

Delivery of Materials for Those Who Are Homebound in LeRoy.
If you would like a book(s) or magazine(s) and can't get out of the house, just give us a call
and we would be happy to deliver the book(s) or magazine(s) to you.