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McLean County Genealogy

McLean County Genealogical Society

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   McLean County

Birth Records
Marriage Records
Vol. 1  1860-1879
Vol. 1 1831-1855
Vol. 2 1880-1882
Vol. 2 1856-1862
Vol. 3 1883 - 1885
Vol. 3 1863-1867
Vol. 4 1886 - 1888
Vol. 4 1868-1872
Vol. 5 1889-1892
Vol. 5 1873-1877
Vol. 6 1893-1896
Vol. 6 1878-1882
Vol. 7 1897-1899
Vol. 7 1883-1887
Vol. 8 1888-1892

McClean County Cemeteries

Allin Township: Brooks Grove, Mosquito, Mt. Pleasant

Anchor and Cheney's Grove Township: Anchor Township, Cheney's Grove Township, St. John's, Riverside, Myers, Newcomb

Arrowsmith Township, West Township: Payne, Arrowsmith Township, Greenwood, Love

Bloomington Township (the south 4 miles): Orendorff Family, Grassy Ridge, County Farm, Woodlawn, Jewish, Price

Dale Township: Scogin Hill, Shirley

Danvers Towhnship: Benjaminville, dawson, barnes, Frankeberger, Wilcox

Empire Township: Old Oak Grove, Oak Grove, Gilmore, Howard

Mount Hope Township: Old Mount Hope, McLean, Kampf, Longworth, Allen-Trott, Chapin Family

Old Town Township, Downs Township: Brokaw, Hoover, Pleasant Grove (Old Town), Bishop, Creel, Lebo, Garr, Mannen (Barnett Farm), Hopewell, Diamond Grove, Wilhoite, Peasley, Rutledge

Randolph Township: Heyworth Cemetery

Milo Custer Files

Central Illinois Obituaries, 1848-1870

Central Illinois Obituaries, 1871-1880

Old Family Records Numers 1-9

Soldiers of the Revolution and the War of 1812 buried in McLean County, Illinois