ReThink Energy Florida!
Formerly Crude Awakening Tallahassee

For those interested in ensuring that we never see an event like the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe again.

This page has moved - please visit us at http://rethinkenergyflorida.org

Our mission is to educate, engage, and empower citizens to take action toward achieving energy independence and a sustainable environment.

We are dedicated to generating the will of the people that we have energy independence and a sustainable environment.

 This includes encouraging strong renewable energy policy and discouraging the expansion of fossil fuel exploration and usage, as well as encouraging action toward alleviating and resolving consequences from the use and exploration of such fossil fuels.

We will be active until:
1) Every drop of oil is cleaned up responsibly

2) there is a permanent moratorium on off-shore oil drilling and

3) There is a serious renewable energy policy in place that moves us
     swiftly away from dependence on oil.

...in every level of government.

photo courtesy Skytruth on Flickr