The Xpryrals are free movement space organisms!
You can't control them, but you can influence the enviroment.
The objective is to help the green XPyrals to capture more rocks than blue XPyrals.

There are 4 influences you can use, clicking in the be control bar and next in the game to position them.
Cyclone: All XPyrals passing by will do a circle around it.
Plasma: All XPryrals will slow down passing by.
Radial: All XPryrals will accelarate passing by.
Gravity: The XPyrals will be dragged to left.

There also 3 levels to play:
Zen: Just one Xpyral to play with or just see it moving.
Order: Two XPryrals, one to one.
Caos: Four XPyrals, two green and two blue.

Where to buy?
This game is available in Handango store.