RHex Game for Blackberry

Rhex in the news...
A la hora de tomarse un respiro será el turno ...  del juego de ingenio Rhex ( crucialsoft.googlepages.com/rhex ).

Description (Download in page bottom):
 The objective of RHex is to make points by exploding connected hexagons.
This objective is accomplished by rotating the hexagons around central hexagon.
Connect 4 or more hexagons and they will explode giving you points.
When connected hexagons explode, the free hexagons will explode also giving extra points.

OTA Download(Directly to device):

Download for Blackberry Storm (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager): RHex v1.0.3
Download for Blackberry Curve and Bold (Installation by Blackberry Desktop Manager): RHex v1.0.3Bold


Yes, this game is free!!
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Special thanks to Ben Keen for testing the game!