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Very addictive game. Easy to play, just 2 keys (ship does auto-fire).
Avoid collisions with asteroids and other enemies and direct the ship fire to explode them.
The game has 4 levels:
1. Asteroids: Just asteroids... Avoid them!
2. Chase: The enemies ships will try to chase you.
3. Fireback: Ups, they will fire on you. Destroy all of them.
4. Infinity: Big, big level. It will take you a lot of time to complete, but if you are a master you will finish it. 

High Scores

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Devices supported: 71xx, 81xx, 87xx



Controls for Blackberry:

  • LEFT: D, H, A or 4 for 71xx,87xx
  • RIGHT: G, K, S or 6 for 71xx, 87xx
  • UP: R, U or 2 for 71xx, 87xx
  • DOWN: F, J, N, C or 8 for 71xx, 87xx
  • SELECT: Space or 0 for 71xx, 87xx