The Third Annual Symposium on Transboundary River Governance in the Face of Uncertainty: The Columbia River Treaty, 2014  will take place in Kimberly, BC, from Monday, October 3 to Wednesday, October 5th.

Hosted by the Universities Consortium on Columbia Basin Governance, the objectives of the symposium are:

  • To utilize a unique forum to facilitate cross-border dialogue and communication
  • To explore alternative interests and scenarios regarding the future of governance in the Columbia River on both sides of the border
  • To raise awareness of the Columbia River Treaty and of the research done by the Consortium

The symposium will focus on a transboundary group discussion of alternative scenarios for the Columbia River Treaty and related questions and considerations. Possible scenarios and relevant information, questions, and considerations as source material for the symposium participants will be developed prior to the symposium by the universities. The objective of symposium will be to produce by its end a set of revised scenarios and related ideas, considerations and commentary that the symposium participants would like the Entities and Sovereigns on both sides of the border to take into serious consideration in their deliberations and public processes.