The CR toolbox provides an easy, user-oriented, matlab package to compute the optical flow and feature tracking from video.

In particular, this toolbox contains the following features:
    • KLT feature tracker, i.e. Tomasi-Kanade feature detector and Lucas-Kanade tracking
    • Optical flow from either KLT or image correlation (using the additional MatPIV toolbox)
    • Bi-Orthogonal Decomposition of optical flow or tracked features
    • Management tools for image sequences and avi files
    • A player to display all results
    • A full set of user interfaces

The matlab image processing toolbox is not required, but if using MatPIV (optical flow using image correlation).

The development of this toolbox has been founded by the ANR research project Chêne-Roseau in a collaboration between the LadHyX, Piaf and Evasion teams. 

The implementation has been done by Julien Diener.