Outboard Marine

Our shop rate for Outboard Engine Repair is $75 hr.

 We offer services for ALL Makes of Outboard Marine Engines.

Full Service Tune Up:

Tune up Includes: Replace Spark Plugs, Check Timing, Change Gear Oil and Disposal, Test battery & Charging System, Disposal of bad gas,  Run in Water Tank and Check Over, Adj. Carburetors.,
Adj. control cables. Mechanical inspection to ensure your boat is ready for the lake!

Water Pump Replacement:

Includes: Water Pump / Kit Installed, change gear oil.
Run in Water Tank & Check Over

*Some Outboards not eligible for special pricing*

Outboard Carburetor Overhaul:
Force: $100 per carb + parts
Johnson: $150 per carb + parts
Mercury: $200 per carb + parts  
Includes: Carburetor removed, Carburetor Disassembled & Ultrasonic Clean Carb,
Install Carburetor Kit,  Run Engine in water tank, Adj. Carb., Check over.

 Seasonal Services

Outboard Summarize / Spring Check Over: $75

Run Engine, Check all Systems and Oils


All 1 cylinder engines $99.00

All 2 cylinder engines $119.00

All 3 cylinder engines $139.00

All 4 & 6 cylinder engines $179.00

All 4 stroke outboards (Up to 30HP) $149.00

Run engine and fog with rust preventative solution thru-out engine and fuel system to protect all internal engine parts.

Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank(s) as required per gallon, to preserve fuel for next season.

Apply anti corrosive grease to all fittings and linkages, including steering cable.

Drain lower unit lubricant as applicable, pressure and vacuum test lower unit if any indications of water exist, notify customer if present.

Fill lower unit with new lubricant

$10.00 charge for no keys or no battery. Gas cost additional.