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ITA 2011-2012


Anything but Typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin
Jason lives in a world where he is anything but typical. Jason has autism. He tries to make sense of the world that the "neurotypicals," those without autism, live in. He is curious about the need for people to be together and interact. Through his writing, we get a glimpse into his world as well.

All the Broken Pieces

by Ann Burg
Matt Pin was airlifted from Vietnam in 1975, and adopted by a loving family in the United States. Through free verse poetry, we learn about the horrors that Matt experienced in Vietnam during the war and the losses he endured. A series of events force Matt to come to grips with these memories.

Along for the Ride

by Sarah Dessen
Auden never learned to ride a bike, she was too busy studying. However, the summer before college, she goes to live with her dad, his new wife and their new baby. Here she begins to realize that perhaps there is more to life than studying.


by Alex Finn
Kyle Kingsbury is rich, tall, blond, perfect....and a spoiled teenager that takes pleasure in breaking young girls' hearts. Now a witch has turned him into a beast, his father has sent him away, and Kyle has one year to find someone to fall in love with him or he will stay this way forever.

Operation Yes

by Sara Lewis Holmes
Miss Loupe, the new 6th grade teacher, has taught her class improvisation and to say "Yes and..." to continue telling a story. But when Miss Loupe's brother gets hurt in Afghanistan, she can't seem to say "Yes" anymore. Drastic action is required.

The Last Thing I Remember

by Andrew Klavan
One day Charlie wakes up strapped to a chair, overhearing men talking about killing him. His last memory is of working on a paper, chatting on his computer and watching a video. It is now a year later and Charlie must find a way to escape and fill in the blanks.


by Gordon Korman
Marcus moves to town in the middle of summer and spends his time working on his skills before football tryouts. Charlie Popovich, retired NFL linebacker known as "the King of Pop," befriends Marcus. Marcus is amazed that Charlie is willing to help him out, but Charlie's unpredictable behavior has Marcus worried.