CRSQ Article on Living Pterosaurs

The Winter, 2009, issue of the Creation Research Society Quarterly includes a scientific paper by Jonathan Whitcomb: "Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific."
The Abstract includes, "Investigations of reports of creatures whose descriptions suggest Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs in remote areas of Papua New Guinea." The name
that Americans are beginning to use for this creature is "ropen."
The introduction includes, "The search for living pterosaurs is cryptozoological. Cryptozoology is the study of 'hidden' or 'unclassified' zoological species or possible species,
especially in the early discovery stages. A number of expeditions in recent years have collected and analyzed eyewitness testimony, primarily in Papua New Guinea."
This scientific paper is not quite the first one on this subject to be published by a peer-reviewed scientific journal: David Woetzel wrote the "Fiery Flying Serpent" for the Creation
Research Society Quarterly a few years earlier. But Whitcomb's paper may be the first one devoted entirely to the expeditions and modern eyewitness testimony.
Jacob Kepas interview by Garth Guessman
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