HL2 (Used for Garry's Mod 10) Maps

Maps ive made with Source SDK's Hammer, for CSS, or gmod or hl2.


The Barrel_MapSeries.zip





GG_Dust- GG_Dust is a combination of de_dust and gg tactics and map style. Walls in the ground for defense, a sniper post for Ts, and a window for CTs. The map is like it is because i like maps like this: Spawn, Buy your weapons, get out in the field and pwn. The small buyzone will be fixed soon, if i get some emails wishing for the next update to the map. yeah, its dark, supposed to be like that, its a little more fun :D! Snow textures for the ground.

 T spawn ^

Other side of T spawn \/

Overview of T spawn \/

    The T's Sniper Post ^

   CT ^                                Battlefield ^                           T spawn ^

   CT spawn overview ^

CT spawn's window ^


Battle field, from CTs point of view ^

Me fighting a bit :D \/