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Please be sure to:  
1) Create a True Verbatim transcript. Include all disfluencies, fillers, stutters, repetitions, and false starts.
2) Complete a Full Text Review of this task and fix any timing errors.
3) Add most appropriate tags ([MUSIC], [SOUND], [BLANK_AUDIO] etc,) whenever more than 2-3 sec between spoken captions.
4) Place tags on their own line by ending with a period. 
5) Re-time the sentence to ensure timing accuracy.
6) Always double check timing on captions before and after a [MUSIC] tag.



INSERT "BLANK_AUDIO" TAGS anywhere there is 1) silence, 2) lack of dialogue, 3) or lack of plot-relevant sound for more than 2-3 SECONDS 

(otherwise the previous caption will be stretched out to fill that space, and create improper timing of video captions).

For further clarification on...

Timing of Video Captions:

- Two Lines Before and After:

     When retiming always check 2 lines before and after targeted caption for consistency.

- Captions After [MUSIC]:

     Always check timing of captions following [MUSIC] tags, as there is a tendency for captions to begin too soon after music.

- [SOUND] tags:

     Particularly when attached to a line of dialogue, should always be paid special timing attention.

- Fast-Paced Dialogue:

     Make sure to scan through any section of quick back and forth dialogue for timing issues.


- Use ONLY When Plot Relevant:

     Excessive use of these tags is prevalent, should only be used as plot relevant descriptors. 

     Overused tags should be removed when found (be sure to check timing in areas where tags are removed)

     Don't insert tags for background noises or music when it's playing simultaneously to speech and don't transcribe music lyrics at all.

- One to One:

     A single plot relevant sound only needs a single tag descriptor. 

- Do Not Combine Multiple Tags:

     A plot relevant sound does not require multiple tag descriptors.

     Do not use several different tags for a single sound or music section, ie: [NOISE] [MUSIC] [SOUND]

- Avoid Cramming:

     Use the [MUSIC] tags during open sections of music.

     Don't force [MUSIC] tags between lines of dialogue when the music has already been established - creates timing issues and is redundant.