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Speaker ID - Education Content

This task pays $0.15 per media minute.

You need to review the entire video and ensure there is a name/ID inserted whenever there is a speaker change in the audio.
If there is only one speaker throughout the video please ID only his first appearance - even if there were no speaker change arrows in that first snippet.
Insert the speaker ID after the chevrons ">>"  - do not replace the chevrons with the ID.

If known please insert their names for every speaker change if not please insert:

>> Male Speaker 1:

>> Male Speaker 2:

>> Female Speaker 1:

>> Female Speaker 2:

You have to review the complete task ensuring the following two things:

1) Speaker changes ( >> ) are correct  (not too many not to little)
2) Speakers have to be ID'd: Every ">>"  needs to be followed by the speaker ID above or the name if the name is mentioned in the first few minutes.

>> Hello and Welcome!
>> Hi and thanks for having me. 
>> Hello. It's great to be here.
>> Yes it is.

Will become:
>> Tom Schultz: Hello and Welcome!
>> Lauren New: Hi and thanks for having us. 
>> Tom Schultz: Hello.It's great to be here.
>> Lauren New: Yes it is.


Please email us with any questions or concerns about these guidelines or this job here