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O Instituto Inovação é uma empresa privada, cujo objetivo principal é aproximar o conhecimento científico-tecnológico ao mercado, para gerar inovação tecnológica.
 Tem por missão promover a competência, o desenvolvimento de recursos e a infra-estrutura de informação em ciência e tecnologia para a produção,  socialização e integração do conhecimento científico-tecnológico.
A COTEC Portugal - Associação Empresarial para a Inovação foi constituída em Abril de 2003, na sequência de uma iniciativa do então Presidente da República, Senhor Dr. Jorge Sampaio, tendo sido apoiada pelo Senhor Primeiro-Ministro e recebido a adesão de um conjunto de empresas cujo valor acrescentado bruto global representava, em 2002, cerca de 18% do PIB nacional. Desde o início da sua actividade que o cargo de Presidente da Assembleia Geral tem sido exercido pelo Senhor Presidente da República.

The mission of the EIT is to grow and capitalise on the innovation capacity and capability of actors from higher education, research, business and entrepreneurship from the EU and beyond through the creation of highly integrated Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).


A magazine of research and technology.


 Nasa Innovation

NASA seeks to create partnerships and cooperative activities with U.S. enterprises to develop technology that is applicable to NASA's mission technology needs and contributes to commercial competitiveness in global markets. Technology Innovation provides information about NASA's technology needs and opportunities, as well as interesting facts and feature articles about our successes.

Technology Review

 A Magazine Published by MIT about Computing, Web, Communications, Energy, Materials, Biomedicine and Business

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The mission at SSIR is to share substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who do the important work of improving society do it even better.

SIX is a network that’s been set up by a group of organisations to help build the emerging field of social innovation. We believe that many of the big problems that the world faces – from climate change to the care needs of an ageing population - will only be solved by experiment, enterprise and innovation, and that innovation needs to tap into the creativity of every part of civil society, business and the public sector

The SME Innovation Support Programme provides a unique combination of opportunity analysis, specialist help, mentoring and grant aid delivered by a team of dedicated business and innovation advisors.

SMEs and Innovation

Innovation is now widely understood to be the driving force in economic growth. It is new products and services, and new methods for making or delivering them which add value to our economy, and enable us to improve standards of living. SMEs are responsible for much of the innovation which leads to new higher value products and services (even if ultimately larger firms may take on production and mass marketing of such innovations), and so the European Commission seeks to promote innovation to SMEs across Europe.


 The London Innovation Centre

The London Innovation Centre (LINNOC) is the result of an open tender issued by the London Development Agency in 2005. The Tender called for a scheme to support the development of high growth potential innovative ideas and business throughout the South London area. It was won by Kingston Innovation Centre (Properties) Ltd – KIC - and started operating in October 2006.

London Innovation Center é uma iniciativa apoiada pela London Development Agency que visa apoiar empresas pequenas e idéias inovadoras de empreendedores. O site traz diversas opções de ajuda de acordo com a etapa do projeto do empreendedor.


The London Innovation Network provides tailored support to enable businesses to access European funding, to engage with the opportunities of the European Single Market and to promote knowledge transfer and innovation. Led by GLE , the network will be delivered in partnership with LTN , the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Innovatory.


The London Development Agency

London is one of the leading global cities and is ranked as a 'top city for business' with world class strengths in finance, business and professional services, health, media, entertainment and retail.

 Innovative Regions in Europe

Its aim is to facilitate exchange of experience and good practice among European regions that are enhancing their capacity to support innovation and competitiveness among regional firms through the development and implementation of regional innovation strategies and schemes. Around 235 member regions are gathered in the IRE network with the following mission statement:

"Strengthening the global competitiveness of European regions by promoting innovation policies, and providing a unique platform for regions to cooperate and learn from each other."

Site de regiões de inovação na Europa. Plataforma de colaboração e troca de experiência para regiões que estão desenvolvendo ou implementando inovação regional, estratégias e esquemas.

Helsinki University of Technology Innovation Management Institute

The Innovation Management Institute (IMI) is the leading innovation management research organisation in Finland. IMI has 15 years of research experience in the field of innovation management in industrial companies, service companies, and public organisations.

Instituto de Gestão de Inovação da Universidade de Helsinki - Finlândia.


Innovation Valley

Innovation Valley is funded by the London Development Agency and brings together a wide range of business services to help businesses in North London to be more innovative and compete more effectively.