Twenty Second Twitter Stories

Well, that's all fine and good, but why bother? Busy teachers don't have time to be tweeting!

Here are some teachers to tell you a Twenty Second Twitter Story about something that happened to them on Twitter and why it is such a powerful network for them:

from @jennyluca in Melbourne

from @jasongraham99 in Indonesia

from @dkuropatwa Darren Kuropatwa in Canada

from @willie42 Andrew Williamson in Melbourne

from @melshurtz in Malaysia

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from @murcha Anne Mirtschin in Victoria

from @klbeasley Kerri-Lee Beasley in Singapore

from @bryanjack in Canada

from @ezka29 Erin Gallagher in Canberra

There are lots more Twitter Stories here, about all sorts of things, not specifically edu-related. 

You can also read 10 Unbelievable Twitter Stories here too if you like

So, anyway, inspired much?