This site is an attempt to create a spreadsheet/database where all of the Ontario Curriculum expectations can be found. 
Picture of Ontario Social Studies, History and Geography (2013) Curriculum cover

What could you do if all of the Ontario Curriculum expectations were on one spreadsheet?

  • Use the filter function to quickly find the expectations you want
  • Quickly find the expectations for the same strand in a split grade
  • Quickly identify appropriate cross-curricular expectations
  • Copy and paste relevant expectations into a Google Form to create unit plans or lesson plans
  • Import expectations into other programs or software

Isn't it a lot of work?

It would be a lot of work for one person to find, sort an categorize all of the Ontario curriculum expectations for each and every strand. However, in the English Grade 1 - 8 Curriculum (Core French 4 - 8) there are approximately 240 strands. If 240 teachers across Ontario took it upon themselves to copy and paste one strand, for their own grade, we'd be done! 

How long does it take to copy and paste all of the curriculum expectations?

I started by entering the Grade 6 Math, Number Sense and Numeration strand. There were 21 expectations and it took me just under half an hour to enter them all. The 19 expectations in the Grade 5 Social Studies, People and Environments strand also took me about a half hour. The new (2015) Grade 7 Healthy Living strand took me about 40 minutes to enter. There are significantly expanded Teacher Prompts and Student Responses that take longer to format, but it wasn't too bad.

Who would be able to use these expectations?

Anyone! Hopefully, if people make use of these expectations, they'll share some of the ways that they've used them here.

What about French Immersion expectations or Kindergarten expectations, or a French version?

Grade 1 - 8 English was the easiest for me to begin with. Based on several requests, I've added the options for Extended French (4- 8) and French Immersion (1-8).