Social Media Marketing for Crowdfunders!

Are you a crowdfunder and looking for an ideal social media marketing agency that will propel you to your dreams? Well, Crowdfund Social, one of the longest running socialmedia marketing agencies for crowdfunders is here to see you through in your entire venture. There is one thing that Crowdfund Social knows more than social media, and that is crowd funding. 

You are guaranteed to get have a successive crowdfunding project when you rely on the combined expertise and experience of Crowdfund Social. Many crowdfunders on Indiegogo and Kickstarter face pretty serious issues when promoting their projects. One of the most rampant problems that crowdfunders face is gaining and maintaining momentum.

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However, this isn’t anymore a major problem to worry when you have Crowdfund social on your side. Why? Well, Crowd Social simply makes it easy and stress-free to market your project like a professional. The company’s social media promotion is exactly what you require in order to kick-start the momentum of your crowdfunding project. 

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Their focus on social-media marketing for crowdfunding campaign has earned them a great reputation of delivering awesome results. Crowdfund Social understands that each and every crowdfunder has one goal in mind: to get funded! 

Finding The Right Crowd Social Agency

It does not really matter if you are launching a film or even a tech project; your key to getting fully funded lies with social media marketing. 

Crowdfund Social’s clients range from non-profits to multi-millionaire dollar campaigns. If are struggling or have no idea on how to reach out to your target market then Crowdfund Social can help. It is the only crowdfunding agency with a full-service social media package for crowdfunders. 

CrowdFunding Social Media Marketing

Even more amazing is a client get to realize these great results within a very short period of time. Actually, it doesn’t even take more than seven days for the results to start trickling in. 

Based on recent honest reviews, it is clear to see that more and more people are still relying on the wonderful services being offered by Crowdfund Social. For example, Crowdfund Social recently helped the ALS Association by carrying out very intense campaigns across various social media platforms. They thus ended up getting huge virality across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as Linkedin. 

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The results? Everybody got talking about ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with 2.2 million tweets being generated on twitter, 1.2 million videos posted on Facebook and 15 million people commenting and liking the Challenge on the platform. 

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In short, Crowdfund Social has successfully managed to bring amazing social media strategies that are yielding great results for everyone.