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How does it work?

Project proposals are submitted via email using a provided form. Proposals will include a short project description, description of student involvement, anticipated impact on undergraduate students, expected outcomes and simple budget.

Proposals received before the deadline will be emailed to an institutional representative for approval.

Approved proposals will be sent to at least one reviewer to determine quality of project, likely impact on students, and appropriateness of budget.

Accepted projects will be posted to the site and donations accepted over a 30 day period.

Projects that achieve the target amount will receive the full amount donated. CREU does not take a fee.

Credit cards are not charged for unsuccessful projects.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate projects from any discipline are eligible. The host institution must be an accredited, nonprofit,  two or four year US college or university. All projects must have a faculty adviser. Projects involving several students should be submitted as a single proposal. A maximum of five proposals can be submitted per institution in a given competition. Funds can be requested for supplies, student stipends, housing, travel associated with the project (including conference presentations), and institutional costs.

Why launch a project on CREU?

  • institutional funds are insufficient

  • appropriate grants are not available

  • funding is needed quickly

  • to provide a 'grant-like' experience for undergraduates

  • to generate preliminary data for a formal grant proposal

  • because CREU ensures some degree of quality compared to other crowdfunding sites

  • because CREU is a nonprofit and doesn't charge a fee to successful projects

Important Dates

February 1 2016 - Proposals accepted

March 11 2016 (or after first 25 proposals received) - Deadline for proposals

April 1 2016 - Donation period begins

May 6 2016 - Donation period ends

Time Sensitive Projects

Proposals may be accepted outside of regular competition dates (as above) in truly exception cases e.g. if project is responding to a natural event . To be considered for this special consideration, requests should be sent to with a subject line "time sensitive project".

Characteristics of a Successful Campaign

Based on previous successful campaigns on CREU in the first competition (spring 2015), we can identify the following characteristics which may help you plan your campaign:

-Successful campaigns tend to have a number of active students who promote the campaign and solicit donations

-Most funding occurs in the first and last week of the donation period (a known phenomenon of crowdfunding in general)

-The amount requested for successful campaigns ranged from $1,250 to $4,000 (average of $2,030)

-The amount raised by successful campaigns ranged from $1,523 to $5,151 (average of $2,940)

-The number of backers for successful campaigns ranged form 14 to 37 (average of 26)

-The most common donation amount (mode) was $50 (mean of $111)

Ready to Launch? Download the proposal form or email with subject line "Request Proposal Form".

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