What is CREU?

CREU (Crowdfunding Research Experiences for Undergraduates) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to bridge the gap between institutional funds and external grants in order to increase opportunities for undergraduate research.

Who can apply?

Campaigns are open to any undergraduate projects from two and four year nonprofit institutions in the United States. Projects must by supervised by a faculty member and have institutional support.

How much should I raise?

CREU follows an All-Or-Nothing funding model. Projects receive no funds unless the target is reached. Therefore we recommend that the target is set as low as possible. Any additional funds raised beyond the target before the deadline are also awarded to the campaign. We encouraged projects to describe how additional funds will be used.

Can I use matching funds?

Absolutely! Our aim is to extend, not replace, institutional funds. We encourage campaigners to request matching funds from their institution.

Can my institution add indirect cost?

We expect institutions to treat successful campaigns similar to successful grants. Therefore, indirect cost may be applied. If your institution intends to apply indirects, we ask that these be specified in the budget.

How can I ensure my campaign is successful?

The most common mistake in unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns is to sit back and expect the money to roll in simply by posting the project. Crowdfunding is a form of fundraising and, just as any fundraising campaign, requires a good deal of work to be successful. Most funders will be family, friends, and colleagues. Be prepared to work for your money. Send emails, make phone calls, and use social media. Be the first to fund your own campaign (there is a reason why buskers put a few coins in their hat when they start). The bottom line is that a successful crowdfunding campaign is hard work.

Are there any fees?

CREU does not charge fees, however, the platform we use (Tilt) does charge a small credit card processing fee to donors. See http://open.tilt.com for more details.

How does the review process work?

Once a project is approved by an official representative from the host institution, it will be forwarded to at least one reviewer. Primary reviewers will have a graduate degree in the project discipline and will be asked to review a project based on quality of the project, involvement of undergraduate students, and appropriateness of the budget. Second reviews are also encouraged from undergraduate students. If recommended, the project will be posted to the site.

What if I don't meet the target?

If the target is not met, no funds are dispersed and credit cards will not be charged.

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