About CREU

It is with regret that the CREU executive committee has made the decision to discontinue the crowdfunding activities of the CREU (Crowdfunding Research Experiences for Undergraduates) and dissolved the organization. The goal of CREU was to demonstrate the need to bridge the financial gap between institutional funds and existing grant programs for funding undergraduate research projects using the crowdfunding mechanism. We still believe that this gap exists and that crowdfunding is an appropriate mechanism to bridge this gap. At the same time we endeavored to create a process that provided more rigor than existing crowdfunding sites by incorporating procedures such as institutional approval and external review. To date CREU has been used to fund 8 undergraduate research projects from a variety of disciplines and successfully raised over $15,000.

In order to offer our service for free with a lack of financial backing, we have been making use of a third party crowdfunding platform. Unfortunately a series of changes to this platform has made it extremely difficult to continue our service. It has become apparent that we need to have full control over the platform in order to continue to operate. Therefore, although we consider CREU to have been a success, we have decided to discontinue. We would, however, be willing to discuss the possibility of continuing CREU with an organization that has the ability to provide the necessary support.

We thank everyone who supported us in this endeavor especially our reviewers who volunteered their time to make CREU successful.


The CREU team.

Crowdfunding Research Experiences for Undergraduates (CREU) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing funding for undergraduate research projects. All projects are approved by the host institution and reviewed by an independent expert. All raised funds are awarded to the host institution to be used to fund the project.

Current officers are:

President: Neil Fitzgerald, Marist College

Vice President: Lynn Maelia, Mount St Mary College

Secretary: Alison Keimowitz, Vassar College

Treasurer: John Edwards, Process NMR Associate


Number of competitions: 2

Number of projects posted: 14

Number successful projects: 6

Success rate (number successful/ total posted): 42.9%

Amount successfully raised: $13,009

Average amount raised per successful project: $2,168

Total amount made available (includes matching funds): $23,584

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