Tuatha Na BPreachain Naomh: Tribe of the Sacred Crows

Draoi Site


Welcome! This site is managed and maintained by the Draoi of Tuatha Na BPreachain Naomh and so it primarily deals with our spirituality, customs, religious practices and education. The site is divided into sections. There is a visitors section for those who plan in visiting a meeting or festival of our Tribe and which gives some basics about our beliefs and customs. There is an initial lessons section which contains the monthly lessons designed by our Draoi for the Comhaltacht Draiocht organization.  There is a ceremonies section which contains our liturgical format and some rites. There is an educational section which contains many of the essays and articles written for training our people and clergy. There is a children section for materials relating to the education of our children. There is a reading list which contains book titles that we recommend. All are welcomed to make use of this material so long as you do not remove the author attributions or place the material for sale. The material on this site remains the intellectual property of the authors