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Born and brought up in the North of England, I have lived in North East Scotland since 2002. I have worked in journalism, education, market research, shops, social work and as a radio/nightclub DJ, but not necessarily in that order.

I have always written something but started concentrating on poetry in the late 1990s. I have published my poems as postcards and in a book called "More about the song" (2008). For a few years I read poems regularly at the folk club in Montrose (and a few other places). I organised poetry and music events too. I had a break from poems for a few years but recently am back writing them again. At the moment I am just putting them on a blog but I plan to put out a pamphlet some time soon.


Poems out loud at:
Montrose Folk Club
Dead Good Poets
, Aberdeen
2007, Aberdeen
Out of the Woods
, Dundee
Brechin Arts Festival

Forest Cafe, Edinburgh
Various benefits and events in local area

In print by:
Self published book (Crowd-pleasers Press)
Self published postcards

The Poetry Bus
The Herald
Pushing Out the Boat

HappenStance Press
(anthology - Unsuitable Companions)
Northwords Now
Citizen 32

Earth love
The Ugly Tree

Koo Press
(anthology - There's a Bairn in My Broth)
The Mental Virus

Online by (some of these sites are no longer active):
The Passionate Transitory
Bolts of Silk

A Handful of Stones

Poetry Scotland Open Mouse

the gable-enders