DI Tournament Video Library

This is a listing of all the videos we have taken at regional, affiliate, and global tournaments.

This collection is a mix of Croton teams and other teams that we have seen.  The purpose of this archive is to serve as inspiration and instruction for what a complete challenge looks like.  The scores are included where possible to help give some guidance on what a successful solution might look like.  Keep in mind that the scores also include the instant challenge score, which of course does not show in these videos.  Keep in mind also that there are many technical elements to the scores, so that a very entertaining and polished presentation may score low because they didn't meet the technical elements, and vice-versa.

The files are labeled as follows:

[Year]-[Tournament]-[Challenge Name]-[Affiliate]-[Level]-[Team Name]-[Prior placement]-[Placement|Total competitors]

  • Year is the four letter year of the Tournament Season (2014-15 school year is 2015)
  • Tournament is "R" for regional, A for "Affiliate" and "GF" for Global Finals
  • Challenge Name is the theme name
  • Affiliate is the state or country affiliate the team plays under
  • Level is EL, ML or SL
  • Team Name is self explanatory
  • Prior Placement, where known,  is how the team ranked to qualify for the current tournament, if applicable.  This will be in the form of [Tournament][Rank] so R2T is a regional tie for second.
  • Placement, where known, indicates how the team placed in the tournament where this recording was made.  For the tournament the recording was made at, the placement will be [team placement]|[total teams in category/age].

Tournament Videos