This web site will serve as the base for the new Geocaches and events being held at the Crosswinds Marsh Wetland Interpretive Preserve during 2019.

We challenge you! 

As of August 10, 2019 there were 57 geocaches and events in Crosswinds Marsh published during 2019. We challenge you to find/attend at least 50 of them! To recognize those stalwart cachers who do so, we will award a special limited PathTag. This challenge is limited to the first 50 cachers/teams to find any combination of the caches placed at the Marsh or event there during 2019.
You may check to see if you qualify by clicking on the Challenge Checker button below. Note that Project-GC has a latency of about 24-36 hours. Please be patent!
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If you do qualify you should click HERE to register your claim on our on line form. 

  Date/Time Code Geocacher
1 8/11/2019 18:42:16 Paddling Pirates
2 8/11/2019 18:45:59 Swing Dancer
3 8/11/2019 18:58:43 planecrazy62 
4 8/11/2019 19:41:38 SW00P
5 8/11/2019 21:47:28 C and Z's Loot
6 8/11/2019 22:30:35 Oneforfortytwo
7 8/12/2019 15:25:59 Smilch
8 8/12/2019 18:37:51 2xArcher
9 8/14/2019 3:33:20 Starkacher
10 8/14/2019 20:55:02 Highcountryhikers
11 8/15/2019 16:26:14 bkollette
12 8/18/2019 12:47:55 Tjslady
13 8/18/2019 13:32:17 Chaenorrhinum
148/19/2019 11:20:44 PROBOB

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Geocache events scheduled for 2019 at Crosswinds
2019 Earth Day Marsh Cleanup           April 27     GC82YX8
Crosswinds Marsh - Naturefest 2019   May 18      GC82Z1N
Native Prairie Plants & Pollinators        June 23     GC86474
Purple Loosestrife Removal                 July 20       GC865GR 
Hobby Day/Marsh Meandering           August 10   GC82Z2P
Phragmites Removal                          September 7 GC865H4


Crosswinds Marsh Nature fest 2019 Series
Nature Fest is a nature-oriented event that featured live entertainment, nature crafts and games, face painting and free canoeing. This cache is one of a series 12 geocaches, launched during the event, with each one featuring a native plant or tree which can be found in Crosswinds Marsh Nature Preserve. A link to all 12 of the caches may be found HERE.

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2019 Series

On August 10 the Parks system put on a Hobby day and invited the Crosswinds Cache Crew to participate again. As part of the day's activities a Geocahing event was held which included the launch of 12 Geocaches dedicated to the history of the reserve.

A link to all 12 of the caches may be FOUND HERE. In the cover of the cache you will find a four digit code. Record this code for entering into a online form for registration for a commemorative collectible for those that complete the series. The link to the form is found HERE.