Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016

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The Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016 is a Geocache event and Geocache series held in conjunction with Hobby Day being presented by the Wayne County Parks at the Crosswinds Marsh Wetland Interpretive Preserve. Mark your calendar now for Saturday August 13, 2016.

Remember, there are no entrance fees at Crosswinds Marsh!   Keep checking back here for more news and information.

Crosswinds Marsh CITO & Naturefest

While discussing Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016 with the park staff the subject of Cache In - Trash Out events came up and they were very enthusiastic about the concept.
It was suggested that that might be a good event to associate with their Naturefest scheduled for June 25, 2016. 

So, the Crosswinds Cache Crew started developing plans for a CITO event for that day.

The event is now scheduled as GC6E640. We  believe that it will be a unique CITO event because some of the trash retrieval will be from the shores of islands in the marsh reachable only by canoe.  No personal watercraft will be allowed on this event or any other day but for this event canoes will be provided by the park.

We will be meeting at the parking lot at 11:00 AM. Volunteers will receive a special PathTag and be entered into the FTF drawing for the ten new caches publishing that day. The event will end at 12:30, however be sure to stick around and enjoy the park's Naturefest activities that afternoon.
A link to a web page with quick links to the new caches may be found HERE.

                           ...and a very good time was had by all!

Crosswinds Marsh

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Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016 Geocaches

There will be a series of 12 new geocaches launched at the CMM 2016 event and published the next day. Attending geocachers will be provided with the new caches' coordinates and information. A special PathTag will be available for those that log finding all 12 caches in the series and enter the code numbers into an online form. Several additional geocaches will also be launched at the event adding caches of various types and level of challenge.
The 12 caches in the 2015 series will also be available during the event and will be archived and removed at the end of the day. The 2015 PathTag will be available at the event for those that finish the 2015 series and submit the codes before the end of the event. The Quick Link to the caches in the 2015 series may be found HERE.

Crosswinds Marsh Rules

No fires
No bikes / ATVs / personal watercraft
No swimming or ice fishing
Dogs must be leashed
No alcohol or illegal substances
No camping
Fishing in designated areas only
Collecting of plants & animals prohibited
All Geocachers must follow the above rules

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016 also has a face book page!

Crosswinds Marsh Hobby Day 

           Wayne County Parks
            proudly presents
            Saturday, August 13 
                9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
                                                           Crosswinds Marsh
Have you ever wanted to try birding, geocaching or kite flying? Hobby Day is all about trying something new! We will have instructors on site to help you try a new hobby!  

Some of the activities will include:

• Metal Detecting 
• Horseback Riding
• Geocaching
• Robotics / Lego Building
• Hiking
• Fishing
• Photography
• Canoeing
• Astronomy
• Chess
• Drawing/Painting

For info visit or (734) 654-1220

Directions:  I-275 to Exit 8 (Will Carleton Rd.).  Will Carleton/Oakville Waltz Road West to Haggerty Road.  Take Haggerty Road ½ mile North to Crosswinds Marsh entrance.

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016 Geocache Event

The Geocache Event which is scheduled in association with Hobby Day now has its Geocache Event cache page published as GC6JE37.
Follow the link to the Event Page and learn about the event schedule and activities.

Two PathTags will be associated with Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2016.   

The first will be presented to all of those that attend the event.

The second will be for those that find all 12 special nature caches.  Each cache will have a three digit code number in the lid and these must be entered into a special ONLINE FORM. If the series is not completed at the event instructions will be e-mailed as to where to send a self addressed and stamped envelope to receive their PathTag.

A quick link to all 12 geocaches in the series may be found HERE

FLASH! 23 Geocaching teams found all 12 caches in the CMM 2016 Series during the event! (In spite of the rain)

History of Crosswinds Marsh

State law requires developers to create or set aside 1.5 acres of wetlands for every acre destroyed so the Metro Airport Authority bought dry farmland nearby and flooded it in 1994 to create a 304-acre marsh to replace wetlands impacted by airport expansion. Thousands of wetland plants – such as water lilies, hairy asters and marsh marigolds – were imported and planted, tons of dirt were excavated, drains were redirected, ponds created, park infrastructure was installed. In 1997, Crosswinds Marsh opened as the newest and certainly most unusual Wayne County Park.   From Michigan TrailMaps

Links to the new Geocaches Launched on Hobby Day

CMM2016 Nature Series
Horse Trail Geocaches
Other Hobby Day Geocaches

Closest to the Pin Game

About 20 contestants entered their flag where their GPS device was telling them where ground zero was. The winner was mikey87290 about 18 inches away and 2nd closest was commander overlord at about 5 feet. 

Click on the map to enlarge then copy, print and bring along with you to the marsh.
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