Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2018

This web site will serve as the base for the new Geocaches and events being held at the Crosswinds Marsh Wetland Interpretive Preserve during 2018.

As plans are developed they will be announced on this page and then links to event pages and new Geocaches will provided here.  Stop back often to see what's new.

Crosswinds Marsh Preserve is a prime location for geocaching. There are over 60 quality geocaches placed and maintained regularly by the Crosswinds Cache Crew. The caches include mostly regular caches  Some geocachers spend a day trying to find them all. Others pick a section and visit caches leaving areas to return to another day. 
The Crosswinds Cache Crew promise to develop and maintain quality, and interesting geocaches in the Marsh consistent with Geocaching and Wayne County Parks rules. All of the caches receive park management approval through a permit process.   We do ask that all geocachers follow all park rules while participating in our programs and hunting for geocaches.

Event Dates
Naturefest 2018 May 19, 2018   GC7KMTR
Canoe CITO 2018 June 9, 2018 GC7MJKE
Hobby Day 2018 August 11, 2018 GC7KVMH

Crosswinds Geocaches

Crosswinds Marsh Nature Fest 2018 Geocache Event

Crosswinds Marsh Canoe CITO 2018 June 9, 2018 GC7MJKE

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings - 2018 (Hobby Day)  GC7KVMH

History of Crosswinds Marsh

State law requires developers to create or set aside 1.5 acres of wetlands for every acre destroyed so the Metro Airport Authority bought dry farmland nearby and flooded it in 1994 to create a 304-acre marsh to replace wetlands impacted by airport expansion. Thousands of wetland plants – such as water lilies, hairy asters and marsh marigolds – were imported and planted, tons of dirt were excavated, drains were redirected, ponds created, park infrastructure was installed. In 1997, Crosswinds Marsh opened as the newest and certainly most unusual Wayne County Park.   From Michigan TrailMaps

Our 4th Year

This is our 4th year of supporting the mission of the Crosswinds Marsh Wetland Interpretive Preserve and quality Geocaching in the Preserve.  A look back at the previous years may be found at these links:


Crosswinds Marsh Rules

No fires
No bikes / ATVs / personal watercraft
No swimming or ice fishing
Dogs must be leashed
No alcohol or illegal substances
No camping
Fishing in designated areas only
Collecting of plants & animals prohibited
Park only at N 42 05.744  W 83  26.552

All Geocachers must follow the above rules

Naturefest 2018 May 19, 2018   GC7KMTR
NatureFest is a nature-oriented event that featured live entertainment, nature crafts and games, face painting and free canoeing. . All kinds of creatures were on hand at the animal tent, petting farm and live animals presentations.  Fishing poles and bait are provided.  

The geocaching event will ran from 11:30 AM until 1 PM, and included FTF raffles for the fifteen new caches

Crosswinds Marsh Canoe CITO 2018 June 9, 2018 GC7MJKE

 Show your appreciation for the park's support of geocaching by helping spruce up the marsh.  There will be CITO opportunities on land or jump into one of the park's provided canoes to reach some of the more remote areas of the marsh.   Please note that personal watercrafts are prohibited at the marsh.  We will be meeting in the parking lot at 12:30 PM.  The park will be providing canoes (and required life jackets), trash bags, and buckets.  Like all CITO events, be sure to bring gloves, boots, and old clothes for the clean up (and a change of clothes for afterwards if needed).  Also please bring a long handled net if available..

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings - 2018

The Geocaching Event  ran from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM. It it included over 40 new "lock & lock" style caches, (including a new series of caches with a 'commemorative collectible' for those that complete the series of twelve), a FTF raffle, trackables table, prize table and a potluck picnic lunch. 

Crosswinds Marsh Meanderings 2018 Series

On August 11 the Parks system put on a Hobby day and invited the Crosswinds Cache Crew to participate again. As part of the day's activities a Geocahing event was held which included the launch of 12 Geocaches dedicated to the 12 invasive species located in the reserve. This cache is one of them.

A link to all 12 of the caches may be FOUND HERE. In the cover of the cache you will find a three digit code. Record this code for entering into a online form for registration for Pathtag for those that complete the series. The link to the form is found HERE.

The Crosswinds Cache Crew pledge to develop and maintain quality and interesting geocaches in the Marsh consistent with Geocaching and Wayne County Parks rules and permit process. For more information on the Cache Crew and our endeavors, please visit us on social media.

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