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The Mission



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Mission statement


Like most cowboy traditions, necessity was the mother of invention for CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH. The Luxury of a church rarely was available to ranch hands on long cattle drives or isolated ranches. Occasionally, the spiritually inclined would take time to reflect back on their week of trials and successes, and offer thanks for disasters averted. These times brought the cowboys closer to each other and also to their maker.


1. WORSHIP: CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH  will be a place where cowboys, farmers, ranchers, and anyone who enjoys western heritage and lifestyle can come and praise God in spirit and truth.


2. . EVANGELISM: CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH will be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find Love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement. A place where hundreds, even thousands of people will hear the “Good News” about Jesus Christ..


3.  DISCIPLESHIP: CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH will be a place where new believers can “grow up” and discover spiritual maturity through hearing the “Good News”, Bible study, prayer, giving, and being committed to grow little by little, day by day, year by year, to be more like Christ.


4. GOAL; For a long time many of today’s people were being overlooked by the traditional church. And, as we know, there is the tendency today for people to shy away from the ‘churchy’ settings of steeples, pews and the suit and tie. CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH’S goal is to reach some of those people.”


CROSS TIES COWBOY CHURCH members aren’t any different than anyone else and we want people to know that we are all riding this trail of life together. . The casual wear atmosphere of the Cowboy Church setting is in no way a compromise of the WORD.Whether young or old, rich or poor, its simply a way to enjoy the fellowship and just be themselves.