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Unconventional Hydraulic Fracturing/Hydrofracking/"Fracking" for Natural Gas

What is Hydraulic Fracturing?  See a brief video here: hydraulic fracturing

Are there any unconventionally fracked wells in the Crossroads Group area?  Conway Township, Livingston County had an exploratory well that was drilled in the fall of 2013.  It was called the Sherwood Well and the site is located north of Killinger Rd. on Sherwood Rd.  Luckily, it has turned out to be an unproductive well and GeoSouthern, the oil company that owns the well, is plugging it.

Is there anything local communities can do to protect themselves?  Yes, they can pass an moratorium on new fracking wells and use the time to enact protective ordinances. FLOW (For Love of Water) offers ordinance development to regulate the ancillary activities around fracking, such as road use, hours of operation, air quality problems, etc.  The well itself is regulated directly by the state.  Here is the link to the excellent video of the FLOW presentation  held last fall in Conway Township (filmed by recently elected Crossroads Executive Committee member Andrea Rude McKenzie).  

What should you do if a "Land Man" visits your home? First, we strongly urge you to NOT sign a lease with the oil and gas company without consulting with an attorney well versed in that type of law.  The Land Men will tell you that many of your neighbors have signed and pressure you to sign immediately.  Please protect yourself and check with others first.   Secondly, get your household water tested by a certified technician.  See the link below.

Proposed new DEQ rules on regulating fracking: Go to this link to view the proposed rules
If you are interested in commenting, send an email to and put "Please send me notices of Public hearings about Hydraulic Fracturing Rules"  in the subject line.  Be sure to put your email address in the body of the message.

Want to be added to the list to receive the weekly DEQ calendar of new permits? Send an email to Sharon Caldwell at the DEQ ( and request to be included.

More helpful information:
Here is a link to  the DEQ sheet  on pre-drilling household water testing:

Here are links to assist in understanding this issue: 

About Hydrofracking:

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For landowners:
MSU Extension Oil and Gas information site

Government accountability office (GAO) studies:
GAO oil and gas resources Sept 2012 (pdf)
GAO environmental and public health requirements Sept 2012 (pdf)

Information on lease auction:
For lease numbers: mineral lease nominations ( (pdf)
Sale Summary: State of Michigan Oil and Gas Lease Auction – May 8, 2012 (
Pteradon is bidder numbers 101 and 113, Jordan is 114, Kosco is 109 (page 2). The Island lake parcels are listed starting around page 365, and seem to mostly be 113.

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Enbridge 6B Pipeline
Enbridge, a Canadian company has a pipeline easement that runs from northeast Indiana to southeast Michigan, running through Livingston, Oakland and Macomb counties. This pipeline is the same one that burst in 2010 near Marshall Michigan and leaked almost 1,000,000 gals of tar sands crude oil into Talmadge Creek (which goes to the Kalamazoo River and eventually into Lake Michigan).

Many citizens have been and are being impacted by this new pipeline and communities are trying to address the possible safety issues

Press coverage: