Connect with Crossroads and the Sierra Club


Crossroads Connections


One of the best ways to connect with Crossroads is by visiting our website, just as you are doing now. We update our website regularly so you can always be informed of upcoming programs, outings and special events.


Another way to follow Crossroads is by visiting our Facebook page where you will find posts from our supporters and friends as well as photos and information on upcoming activities.



Becoming a Crossroads Insider


Crossroads is a vital organization that enriches our community. Its leadership consists of people like you who have an interest in the environment and wish to contribute. If you would like to know more about Crossroads, sign up for our News listserv. You will receive a few emails a month informing you of leadership meetings and other special events.


All interested persons are welcome to attend our leadership meetings. They are generally held the first Thursday of the month at the house of one of our leaders. Socializing begins at 7:15 and business begins at 7:30. Refreshments are served. Attending a meeting is a great way to meet the people that make Crossroads the successful Sierra Club group that it is. It is also a great way to make new friends.



Statewide Email Forum


To expand your horizons beyond Crossroads, you may wish to sign up for the enviro-michlistserv. Enviro-Mich is the virtual gathering place for Michigan environmentalists and conservationists on the internet. it is sponsored by the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club.



Sierra Club Insider


At the national level, you can sign up to receive the Sierra Club Insider, the flagship e-newsletter. Sent out twice a month, it features the club’s latest news and activities.



Other Newsletters from the Sierra Club


There is so much more available from the Sierra Club. Click here to see other newsletters you can sign up for.