Links for Information, Plans, Tools, etc.

Just a list of other sites dealing with lathes, mills, and hobby machining. Also links to places I've used, or I'm planning to use,  for materials, tools, and plans. I've done business with all the metal and tool suppliers listed here, and have had good results.  

  This page is under construction.  More links are on the way.

                                                                              Good information links

Steve Bedair's 9x20 Lathe Site         One of the best, and the first one I found.

Yahoo 9x20 lathe group                        Lots of help and advice here. 

J Kelly's 9x20 Lathe Page       Some 9x20 mods here.

Virtual Machine Shop     This site has a learning library link in the left sidebar that has a wealth of information tailored to new machinists. This includes drawings, animations, definitions, etc.

Ishimura's Mini Lathe Workshop     This guy has done some really impressive stuff, at least by my standards. Absolutely worth a look.

Tool supplier links:

Enco                                                Machine tools, bearings, and some materials

Little Machine Shop              I bought some of my first tools here. Their site provides good tutorials. It's a great place to start.                           

    Grizzly Industrial               Got some of my stuff here too. Lots of people buy their machines here.

        Fastenal                     Fastenal is a dealer for Bando belts. I purchased spare belts for my lathe here.         Lots of odd, hard to find parts. Useful for  small engine builders.

Metal suppliers:

Metal Express    One of their warehouses is in a city near me, and so an order takes just a day to get here, and the shipping is cheap. I had a problem with an order once, and they fell all over themselves to sort things out.

McMaster Carr        Materials and lots of other stuff.

Links for plans:

Workbench-Miniatures                     Got the plans for my simplex engines here. 

Steam Engine Plans          Lots of free plans here. I've used this site as a source of ideas.