International Workshop on Learning Analytics Across Spaces

Instructions for Workshop Participants before the event


Welcome to Cross-LAK 2017, the second international workshop on Learning Analytics Across Spaces. This workshop is co-located with the 7th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK'17), the top conference for  which is taking place from March 13 to 17 in Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Student’s learning happens where the learner is rather than being constrained to a single physical or digital environment. Educational research has revealed the pedagogical benefits of letting students experience different types of content, "real world" challenges, and physical and social interactions with educators or other learners. Students commonly work outside the boundaries of the institutional learning system(s). They may interact face-to-face, use other educational tools or even use tools that were not specifically designed to serve in learning contexts. Teachers may want students to use not only the tools offered by the institution, but also other tools that are more suitable to the context and subject matter.

Pervasive and mobile technologies can be used to allow learners to get remote access to educational resources from different physical spaces (e.g. ubiquitous/mobile learning support) or to enrich their learning experiences in the classroom in ways that were not previously possible (e.g. face-to-face/blended learning support). This is creating new possibilities for learning analytics to provide continued support or a more holistic view about learning, moving beyond desktop-based learning resources. An overarching concern is how to integrate analytics across these different spaces and tools in a coordinated way. In short, there is an increasing interest in providing support for students’ learning across physical and digital spaces, and the means to achieve this are more readily available. 

The goals of the workshop are to consolidate the Cross-LAK sub-community and provide a forum for idea generation that can build up further collaborations. 

Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of the workshop are the following:  

  • Consolidate the Cross-LAK Community.  
  • Provide a forum to ignite collaboration. 
  • Work towards a special issue on Cross-LAK themes focused on feedback, personalisation and visualisation in Across Spaces learning scenarios. 

Theme of the Workshop

This workshop aims to gather the sub-community of LAK researchers, learning scientists and researchers from other communities (e.g. AIED, EDM, ITS, etc), interested in ubiquitous, mobile and/or face-to-face learning analytics. An overarching concern is how to integrate and coordinate learning analytics to provide continued support to learning across digital and physical spaces.

The theme of the workshop is “Personalised Support Across Physical and Digital Spaces in Real World Learning Contexts“. It wishes to highlight the need for devising learning analytics innovations that can provide timely feedback and support to learners in real-world contexts considering the ecologies of devices and learning (and non-learning) tools that are effectively usable in everyday learning and teaching situations. The above theme aims to encourage workshop participants to think about this educational need in our increasingly complex everyday world and to consider both the growing interest in real-world learning analytics and also the strong tradition of research in other communities that have used approaches such as learner modelling, personalisation, adaptation and open learner models (OLM's) to support learning beyond single learning tools or Learning Management Systems. 

Important Dates 

Abstracts (optional): 

January 10, 2017

Submission Deadline: 

January 17, 2017

January 22, 2017


February 10, 2017

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March 1, 2017


March 13, 2017