Expected outcomes

The expected outcomes of the workshop are the following:  

  1.   Definition of the research gap. This workshop also will aim to help identify still unsolved challenges and future research lines in Learning Analytics across Spaces and set grounding for possible joint research efforts.
  2.   Guidelines or principles for R&D. The workshop will bring together the sub-communities within CSCL/LS, TEL, and LAK with the goal of contributing with expert guidelines/principles that can help guide future research and development to create learning analytics and monitoring tools that can provide support for each of the four themes posed above.
  3.   Dissemination of R&D of LA across spaces. All the outcomes of the workshop, including the outcomes listed above and the papers submitted, will be made available through the workshop’s own website or an online wiki so other members of the LAK community can benefit and further contribute to the design space.
This workshop will be interactive, emphasising poster sessions, a panel and roundtable discussions as a way of facilitating the exchange of ideas between participants.