11/04/2016 - Posted by Roberto Martinez-Maldonado

The workshop's dynamic will put more emphasis on active, collaborative activities, and less on individual presentations. You can find the updated plan for the workshop here: https://sites.google.com/site/crosslak2016/schedule.

In order to make this collaborative event as efficient as possible, there are a few tasks and steps that need to be completed BEFORE the event itself:

To be completed by ALL participants (facilitators included), up to the 24th of April-- please send by email to Sven Charleer (sven.charleer@kuleuven.be):

1. Provide a ranking of the 3 themes you would prefer to contribute to (in order of preference), among the four appearing in the bottom of our website https://sites.google.com/site/crosslak2016/home

2. Prepare and send us 1 slide for the "flash introductions". Please bear in mind that you will have only 30 seconds to introduce yourself! The slide should include:

o Your name & affiliation

o 1 sentence (or keywords) about yourself, and

o Your contribution to the workshop in 1 sentence. (if you submitted a paper)

OR what you would like to take away after the workshop

3. We will have to assemble all presentations together, so please send us your slide in PPT format, without any videos or external content that may break the flow of the presentation.

To be completed by participants WITH A PAPER, before the event:

1. Prepare a A1 or A0 poster

2. Please prepare a very short lightening presentation (2 min. approx.) about your paper as a way to invite the workshop attendees to ask you more questions during the poster session or during the breakout group activities. Focus on the unsolved challenges and any contextual details that may be relevant. Please, send the 1-2 slides by the 24th of April to Sven Charleer (sven.charleer@kuleuven.be):

Finally, we also encourage you all to read the authors’ contributions before the workshop. You can find them in the workshop website (https://sites.google.com/site/crosslak2016/program), or nicely packaged in the following link: https://sites.google.com/site/crosslak2016/Cross-LAK_2016_PreliminaryProceedings.pdf

We are looking forward to meeting you all. Please remember to be on time the 25th of April, at 8:30am. The room number will be posted in the website: https://sites.google.com/site/crosslak2016/home.  


The workshop organisers