Purchasing and Preparing Flags

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Several on-line retailers offer flags and pressure-sensitive reflective tape.  We use flags from SafetyFlag.com

    • SAFLAGS (9 oz vinyl, 13” x 13”, no diagonal, with ¾” x 24” staff),
      Product code SF, $1.55 each

We've used reflective tape from two different sources, and both seem to work fine.  The color is your choice, but lighter colors are more reflective.  

    • SafetyFlags.com 
      • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Pressure Sensitive Tape (1” x 10 yd Roll)
        Product code T-23, $13.25 each.  This is enough tape to do about 20 flags.
    • Identi-tape.com 
      • 1" Engineering Grade Safety Reflective Tape" (e.g., product code "sr1y").  You can order this in two different lengths.  The smaller size is a 1” x 15 ft Roll ($7.00), and is enough for about 10 flags.  If you're thinking long-term and want to get the unit cost down, the larger size is 1" x 150 ft ($38.00), and is enough for about 100 flags.


To prepare flags:

  • Place a 9” strip of the reflective tape diagonally on each side of the flag, as shown below.  It's important to be sure you get good adhesion between the tape and the flag, so that it doesn't peel off.  Getting good pressure on it (a hard rubber roller works well), having the tape at room temperature before applying, and being sure the flag is clean all seem to help.

  • Place a “Use Only at Legal Pedestrian Crossings” message printed on bright green paper on each flag handle (see Flag Cutouts).  Attach it using clear packing tape, covering the paper completely to provide a water-resistant design.  Place it either on the wood handle, as close as possible to the flag (e.g., 1/2") , or on the flag itself, as shown in the figure.  In either case, it should be visible from the top when the flag is hanging down.










  •  We've recently started writing on the flags with Sharpies in hopes of keeping the attrition down.  One good option is to write "CrossingFlags.GooglePages.com" along the edge of the flag, and "Please Return to:  (your crossingflag location)" along the bottom of the flag.  This helps spread the word, and may help wayward flags find their way back to their bucket. 

  • The finished product looks something like this.