The task was:

The task is to present the country we live in in a video up to 4 minutes long. We should also mention our school, town, class or group shortly too. It would be also interesting to mention some examples of our languages (e. g. basic greetings).

You can watch videos created by teams from schools taking part in our project on this page.
The Czech Republic, ZŠ T. G. Masaryka Borohrádek
TURKEY, Gazi University Foundation Private schools, Ankara 
CROATIA, Primary school Juraj Šižgoric, Šibenik
SPAIN, SES La Miquela de Bescanó
The school hasn´t sent the video yet.


ICELAND, Brekkubæjarskóli



BULGARIA, Hristo Botev Secondary School, Kubrat

AUSTRIA, Hauptschule Velden


LATVIA, Skujenes Pamatskola
The school hasn´t sent the video yet. 
ITALY, Scuola Media "Augusto Vera"




NORWAY, Å ungdomsskole, Lyngdal