During a server move, some of the mp3 files were lost. We are putting together the list of missing files and will upload them soon hopefully. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Key: =Electro,  =Techno, Tech-trance, =Tech-house, =Trance, =Harcore, =Trancecore
* Backspin (Original) (4:44)
* Zoidz (R&R) (4:32)
* E-Snake (5:23)
Public Enemy #1 (Venom Mix)**
* True (5:31)
* On the Way 2 work (6:28)
* Come Away (6:02)
* Knowitall (7:34)
* Take it 2 the Floor (7:28)
Todd Sargent
* Trouble
* Eva
Donostia Live
Public Enemy #1 (RMX)**
**these tracks were entries into the Chuck D./Public Enemy remix contest
Stepin2theDarkness the original this was ripped from has a stereo problem midway into the song. An improved rip is forthcoming.
In2ition (4:43)
DJ Sets
T-SnakeUh-oh, these files seem to have gone missing... searching...
Final Bass Graveyard (1)
Final Bass Graveyard (2)
OLD Crossfade Trax
Stay tuned... you might even like some of this old school low-tech stuff!

We used to offer one-off CDs for purchase, but honestly... it's not worth the hassle. We'd really just much rather you download the tunes and share them for free. Eventually we'll get the donation setup going and allow people who WANT to, to be able to make donations to us... think of it as encouragement, though friendly emails are almost as good. :)

We do still have stock left of the X2K (2000) 12-inch featuring the tracks:On the Way 2 Work, Knowitall, Never and Metacognition, as well as the older (1995) Sensory EP (tracks to be added here soon). both are available for $5 (including domestic US shipping). If anything, you'll help clear some space in storage by buying a few copies. *All prices are in US Dollars