A brief historical timeline
March 2010 - One would think there would be more updates, but then it's more like a blog. T-Snake just realized recently that there wasn't anything special done to celebrate a decade of existence. But life happens and not a lot of music has happened. Perhaps in 3 years we'll do a proper 20th year thing. Also, T-Snake's students are looking for more info on their teacher. (Heya J.D.) Perhaps they'll appreciate the counter to what we know is commercially available to most of their ears.
January 2005 - Saddly, what was supposed to be a happy coexistence, us, Crossfade Records, holders of the name musically since 1993 and Crossfade the band. Unfortunately some of their fans can't read and innundate us with email, even after we beg them not to. Worst... since they are now part of the big music machine, the legal battle would cost us way too much to fight for proper ownership of the name.
November 2004 - New website premieres! About friggin time right? Well, there's still lots off tweaking to allow selectable themes and creating themes for phone/PDA browsers, as well as updating more of the content.
Actually... its premier sits alone on the home web server...
We have also dropped the offer for custom CD's. Truth is, we'd prefer people just download the stuff. Eventually we'll offer the ability to make donations, but it's all about the music. FREE music.
Interestingly... over the last two year we've had TONs of hits on this site mostly because of one thing... a rock group changed their name to Crossfade after being signed to a major label. Amazingly, we get emails from their fans regularly because they can't be bothered to even look at this site to see that it's not the band's site. See, one of the band members wrote to us and asked if we'd just give them crossfade.com. After I stopped laughing I wrote back letting them know that their use of the name Crossfade could easily confuse people and that we've had a registered trademark/tradename officially since 1999. Yes, 6 years after we started, but hey, the thought to protect it didn't occur. The end result was that we agreed to co-exist peacefully. Hopefully some of their fans will enjoy our music too, and get it for free.
Winter 2003 - Upgraded server will allow new design for site... will it be exciting? Who knows. We'll try! :)
Fall 2002 - MTV's "The Real World" and "Road Rules" music coordinator contacts T-Snake regarding licensing some music. T-Snake and Todd Sargent sign gratis contracts and now wait to see if the music gets used. Stay tuned. T-Snake also codifies the official Crossfade stance on music distribution intentions.
Spring 2002 - New site development
Fall 2001- Todd being courted by another label to release a 12". Crossfade pretty much descides to give away MP3 instead or worrying about mass production.
Fall 2000 - Studio closed down, we produce better at home.
Summer 2000 - Second 12" released, with T-Snake and Todd Sargent trax. Another distribution guffaw.
Fall 1999 - Crossfade Records, LC officially registered and trademark/named. We rent studio space, adding DJ Ricochet.
Spring 1997 - Phresh '97, T-S's second solo rave production.
Spring 1996 - Middle Earth: The Rave, T-S's solo rave production.
Summer 1995 - First Crossfade 12" released. It bombed... no distribution. Wanna buy a copy? "Low Freqeuncy", our first rave production.
Fall 1994 - T-S holds 3 month residency as 135 Pearl.
Summer 1993 - Lots more time spent making music... not all of it was bad.
Spring 1993 - T-S attends his first two raves. Crossfade Records is born. T-Snake is born as DJ/Producer.
January 1993 - T-S (aka Techno Snake), Todd and DJ Prime begin creating music in Prime's bedroom. "Ground Sound" is born.
December 1992 - T-S hears his first Joey Beltram 12"
Fall 1992 - T-S and Todd and a group of a few others talk of opening a club called "Dreamers"... hehehe, never happened.
Summer 1992 - T-Snake (before he was T-Snake) and Todd meet and share love of hip hop and freestyle/house