The not so Manifesto Manifesto
T-Snake here. It's been quite some time since I've promised to write the "Free the Music" manifesto. The truth is... it's hard for me to put into legible words. I can go on and on verbally about my various reasons for supporting and encouraging the free distribution of music... ALL music, in digital form.

For now, I guess I can best say this, we are for real. The core belief I wish to spread is that music is a cultural necessity, not a commodity. I respect artists who make a living off of their music, but I do not think it is completely right. The music should be free. I do NOT like Phish, but I respect that they didn't focus on making their money from the music per se (though they might have started that after making their money), but on concert ticket money and merchandising. Fans were allowed and often encouraged to bootleg concerts and share the music, so long as they were not making money from it.

I do not for one second believe that the RIAA has the music in their hearts when they make claims of the damage to the music business caused by illegal downloads. It\'s a scam. Music will never die away. It will always morph, and freeing the music almost guarantees that some day, the only music being made by people will be that made by people who make it just because they enjoy making it and sharing it. Like Crossfade Records as a label, and all the music released under our label.

This is not to say that there aren't circumstances where money SHOULD change hands, such as licensing and when others would make money from one's product, and there we believe you should pay up. Producing a commercial or movie or TV show? Developing a video game? Unless the artist expressly denies compensation, you should expect to pay the the use of their music. Our music. :) We'll happily listen to options for licensing. At least then it's people who make money from the use off the music who are paying for it.

Oh, and the "Free the Music" movement is serious too. Eventually we'll have more logos for people to take and put on their sites. You can likely see the one in the right panel of the site. Right click and save file as, to save it, and use it... preferably to link back to here for now...

OK, pretty long for a non-manifesto... but eventually I'll make it seem more official like. For now, get back to the music page and download stuff, create torrents and share, spread the word and if you like our stuff, let us know - and everyone else as well.
Thanks for listening,
T-Snake, Owner/President of Crossfade Records, LC