Who Makes this Noise?
Over the years there have been a number of artists to pass through the Crossfade label... most have moved on... OK, not really a LOT of artists... many have actually just been retired monikers, this is the way in the EDM world.

You might have heard of at least one previous Crossfade artist, Morgan Page, who is still finding success with recent releases and getting serious play and positive reviews.

As for current artists, here they are:

T-Snake: The owner and co-founder of Crossfade, T-Snake has been involved with music production/DJing since around 1987 when he was creating hip hop beats and writing lyrics. He was a breaker from 1982-1986... strongly influenced by old school rap artists like The Egyptian Lover, Boogie Boys and Newcleus to name only a few.
In 1993, after years of wanting to produce rap and/or house, Techno hit him on the head, and he quickly moved away from hip hop...
That same year, Crossfade Records was born (see the history section) and he began building a following while DJing on WRUV-FM, Burlington, VT.
Much other important stuff will be told in the history. What is important to know now is that though T-Snake isn't churning out a track a week, he does work when he has time on stuff and these days is focusing solely on techno and electro. Coming soon, a new moniker for Ambient creation. And even newer info... since T-Snake is now a math teacher in real life, summer vacations will hopefully be a recharged time for music creation... and he's learning violin to boot. Also expect some tracks that fall to extremes outside of EDM, but are in fact EDM - you\'ll see.

Todd Sargent: The current star child of Crossfade. Todd has been a part of Crossfade since the beginning and before... originally converted into a freestyle junkie by T-Snake with the help of T-Snake's youngest brother Rob. He has a seriously keen ear for production and is very detail oriented. Currently he has remixes released on a few other labels and is working on more tracks for both release on Crossfade as well as other labels. Hopefully some of those other tracks will get releases so we can have FREE versions here for you. His primary productions are in the trance arena. He has more music coming.

Dragon: It's all about the hardcore. That is, trancecore, happy hardcore and hardcore proper. Some lost tracks are being hunted down, but the limited number of tracks still have punch with a lot of people. Dragon is a mostly silent artist, but not for long. A new (over the last few years) interest is symphonic metal. Expect some influence from this counter genre to infect some future dragon releases.