What to say. These pages are usually boring anyway.

Chances are, you're just here to score some tunes and duck out. That's cool too.

A brief about us:

    We produce mostly techno, electro, trance and housey off-shots of said genres. We've got one hardcore producer... this stuff should be covered under "Artists".

    All our staff/members/artists are substance free. That means no drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Might sound strange in the world of techno/rave. As a label, we don't take a stance about it. That's just who is part of Crossfade. Individually, you might find different levels of passion for this lifestyle.

    We are Currently just located in Burlington, Vermont, USA. There is a music scene here, some would say pretty strong, and we dip in in various ways. Todd is currently the most active locally, DJing in the clubs from time to time and promotinng events. T-Snake is busy working on his Master's Degree to even hit the decks or produce for a while. That sucks.

    We are not looking for new artists or DJs, unless you are interested in just being under our label for whatever reason. We don't release physical vinyl anymore (too expensive), but are interested in the possibilities of small run CD releases. They are cheaper and easier to put together, but still not high priority. We also don't do any marketing or whoring...

    We just like to make music that we like.

    We are interested in having our music licensed for TV/Movies/Games. What better way to get to a larger audience. The downside is that we don't get to target as much... since we'd mostly prefer to have more dancefloor peeps hear our stuff.

    T-Snake created the Crossfade logo after many attempts of abstract crossfader drawings, in 1993 or 1994. It became also a project for him in design class.

And that's the brief of it.