Welcome to Crossfade Records

SOPA/PIPA are dead, but don't assume your freedoms are actually being protected. - Free the music.

Thanks for deciding to visit a record label offering what we would like to believe the future of music. Not the future SOUND of music, though we will do what our talents and imaginations allow to maintain a growth in sound creation, but the future of delivery and options.

Poke around the site, download lots of music (and share it) and hopefully your ears, eyes and minds will be happy you stopped by.

And remember/make note... we have absolutely NO affiliation with Crossfade the rock band. We had the name first. Peace

People who have visited often and known about us for the long years might have easily noticed that there hasn't been much change around here in a while. T-Snake bought a house and had a child over the summer of 2009... a time expected to have been production time. Alas, another hold on that... but it's coming. He wants to do it right.