Corning Museum of Glass - Bath - 7/15/2006

This morning, we went to the best grocery store I've ever been in my life!  It's called Wegman's.  It makes any Whole Foods look like a roadside convience store.  This place has everything.  Their bread section is larger than most bakeries.  They have pretty much a food court of different cuisines here.  The eating area is huge.  They even have a toaster for people to use.  This morning, we feasted on humus and toasted Italian bread, yogurt, blueberries, bananas and orange juice.  Best supermarket breakfast ever!


After breakfast, I headed over to the Corning Museum of Glass (as Dave roamed around town trying to find someone who can fix/sew his bike seat).  The museum is great.  Wonderful pieces of glasswork.  I went to two exhibits.  One on simple glass making and another on glass blowing where they made a water goblet.  Here are some of my favorite pieces of art:

After the museum, I went to the library for some Internet access.  Stayed there until I got the "the library is closing in 5 minutes.  Close out of your work or else death..." message.  So, finally at 4pm, we started riding for the day.  We went for 20 miles in a strong headwind to Bath, NY where we stopped at the Nite Lite Gospel House where Pastor Ken welcomed us into their "church".  After a dinner of roasted pork and potatoes and a shower, we joined the audience for some blues gospel.  We also hung out with the three housemates, Jon, Russ and Robbie.  At night, we camped outside on their lawn.

Oh, funny story about today.  We came up with a new term - suicide lane.  The suicide lane is the position most left on the shoulder where you would be the first to be hit by a car.  We came up with this term because Dave will often ride next to me.  So wrong.  I prefer riding single file so I have all the room in the world to dodge a rock or (flood/water) grate.  Sometimes I'll be riding closer to the white line as opposed to the "curb" because there's too much debris to the right; then he'll ride up to my right leaving me in the suicide position.  Since coming up with this term, he has learned that if he wants to ride beside me, he has to be in the suicide position.