Where the Heart Is - Corning - 7/14/2006

Waking up from my most uncomfortable night of sleep ever, I packed up my stuff and headed right back over to the Price Chopper to do my morning ritual in their bathroom.  This was followed by a hearty breakfast of bagels with ham and cheese, probably a muffin, at least 2 pieces of fruit and some yogurt.  I even asked the manager of the store if I could plug up my cell phones.  Of course he had no problem.

I named today's entry Where the Heart Is because I believe in this movie, Natalie Portman lives in a Wal-Mart for a while.  I totally feel like that with my ghetto showers and eating breakfastes at a grocery store.  Personally, I think it's creative and using my resources to the max.

Today's ride was so hot.  Today was the first day when we actually saw the roads shimmering.  You know what I mean right?  It's so damn hot that the roads are sizzling and give off a glow.  Lots of farms today, too.  We pass by so many backyard pools (the inflatable or metal kinds) that I'm so tempted to just go up to someone in the pool and ask if I could jump in.  It's that hot.  I think I will make this my trip goal to control-6 my way to a backyard pool break.

For today's lunch and mid-day sun break, we stopped at a gas station with a fairly large convience store.  We paid 99c for a bag of Sun Chips and took up an entire bench for an hour or so.  We just whipped out our own groceries and made the most delicious lunch ever.  In true Barefoot Contessa/Ina Garten style, I made a nice tuna fish salad sandwich with some pouched tuna.  We took advantage of the convience store's mayo, relish, salt and pepper packets.  We also had brocolli, carrots, and yogurt.  Good eats!

We ended the day in Corning, NY.  Yes, Corning as in the Corningware people.  Having gone through the most G.O. night of camping ever yesterday, I insisted on a motel tonight.  After checking in and a quick shower, we biked to downtown Corning where we feasted on a spinach dip, steakburger, fishburger, carrots and a brownie ala mode.  Yum.