Voice of America Interview

When I returned from my trip, I was contacted by Voice of America for a radio interview!  Yes, I am the voice of America!  Among other things like sharing American and Vietnamese news to Vietnamese (in America (and Vietnam?)) by radio and internet, Voice of America presents interesting, off the beaten path stories.  Of the five sisters in my family, three of us have been interviewed by Voice of America.  My older sister, Suzy, was interviewed because she changed careers from an accountant to an interior designer.  This was news worthy and interesting because most traditional Vietnamese stick to traditional careers, not do something in the arts field.  My younger sister, Minh-Ha, was interviewed because she received a Fulbright Scholarship to study and research in Beijing.  I assume I was interviewed by Voice of America because your average Vietnamese woman does not quit her job to go riding a bicycle across America.

During the interview, I spoke of my adventures.  Some basic details like my departure date, the number of days it took me, the total miles (and I put it in perspective the number of trips between Saigon and Hanoi - 4!), the reason why I took off on my trip, crossing the Continental Divide, the best scenery, and the warm hospitality I received.  Basically, everything you're reading in this blog.

Here's the website, the saved copy (in case the website is down or the URL is removed) and the actual interview.  Enjoy, and don't make fun of my Vietnamese.  Unsolicited, my dad said my Vietnamese (interview) was the best of the three sisters!