Various Online Links

Here are some various links I found online of friends, random blogs and other people who linked to my website.

Xe Dap Xuyen Viet - A group of Vietnamese American friends who ride throughout Vietnam every (other) year.  I am hoping to join them one year.

Viet Velo - A group of Vietnamese American friends in the greater Washington, DC area.

Tour de France blog - Random Tour de France blog that I found that found my blog about how I perfected my victory pose as if I had just won the Tour de France.

Real estate website - Remember how I saw the most amazing house in Telluride?  The real estate agent posted my blog and the good things I had to say about his house on his real estate website.

My friend's blog/message board - I randomly found this.  My friend, Neil, didn't tell me about this.

Random blog - My sister's friend's blog.